4 Reasons Why You Should Be Trail Running

If Sometimes You Just Hate Running, Your Solution is… Trail Running!

You may think that running is something any self-respecting person that hopes to be thought of as sporty just has to do. It’s so easy, right? Slap on shorts, T-shirt and a pair of trainers and you’re off. No excuses. You know it’s good for you!

But Jesus are you sick and tired of those endless roads and the relentless thumping of your feet! And don’t even start about that mind-numbing contraption called a treadmill. Why can’t running simply be more fun?

Well: good news for you. The answer to your prayers is TRAIL RUNNING.

Find why below this quick list of very useful trail running tips.

Yasemin Uyar, the first female to cross the finish line in the 20k portion of Runfire Cappadocia, a tough trail race in the deserts of Turkey this summer, tells you why. And the first reason hits the nail on the head immediately:

#1 It’s not boring:

After picking up running in the streets of NYC, Yasemin found pounding the pavement was too repetitive. Trail running, on the other hand, “has a puzzle aspect to it,” Yasemin explained. “You have to find your path; you’re not running on a well-defined road.” Yaesmin recommends running without music so you can run safely, be more aware of your surroundings, and go at your own pace rather than the beat of your playlist.

#2 It can be better for your body:

Asphalt can be tough on your knees, but running on dirt trails can help you feel more cushioned and supported. Just be sure and supplement your running routine with moves that help strengthen ankles and joints to help prevent injuries.

#3 You’ll be happier:

There’s something about running in nature that helps you decompress and release stress. “You see different views and you get to enjoy them while you’re running. . . . I realize i’m a much happier person and a much more athletic person when I’m [trail running],” Yasemin said. Take her advice, and trade your boring treadmill or sidewalk routine for a scenic trail.

Source: Leta Shy

Our Best One: #4: You’ll love it (so you’ll stick to it!):

Because you’ll get addicted. Yes you will. Don’t just take it from me; try it a couple of times on a nice trail and be surprised how easy it is to get hooked. Toptip: whenever on holiday, go find a trail, run it and take that holiday feeling with you whenever you are out on the trails at (or close to) home.

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