4 Tricks To Prevent Chafing and Irritation

Are you doing the right things to avoid chafing?

It happens to nearly everyone at some stage: irritation gone so painful that it slows you down during the race/training, or near immobilizes you right after you cross the finish line.

Nipples, inner thighs, armpits: our most sensitive areas are right in the firing line, or so it seems. Nothing is safe.

Some runner on Pinterest got rid of his frustrations and put it this way:


Repetitive friction, combined with moisture and the salt (hard, sharp crystals!) left over from sweating are what causes the problem.


Unless you stop running (not an option, right?), stopping the sweat won’t be possible. But there is hope!

Coach Danny Fisher of Runners Connect points out the 4 toptips that really work.

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