4 Tricks To Prevent Chafing and Irritation

Your 4 toptips to avoid chafing!

1. Get to know your hot spots in advance.

Showing up on on race day hoping that you won’t chafe under your armpits or between your thighs like you have been throughout your training is a big mistake. Fisher suggests a “prehab” routine in order to avoid having to do rehab after the race.  Note your problem areas in your running journal and create a plan to treat them with anti-friction lubricant as part of your pre-race preparation routine.

2. Test out solutions in training.

A long training run can also be used as a laboratory for experimenting with anti-chafing remedies. On these runs, select a few different types of lubricants or powders to find out which work best for you. Those who tend to chafe around their nipples should use small Band-Aids to prevent that scary finish-line photo. Also, try out different types of clothes—moisture-wicking fabrics tend to reduce friction better than your most comfortable cotton t-shirt.

3. Wear compression shorts and other snug clothing.

Compression apparel such as shorts or tights can drastically reduce leg-to-leg friction, or problematic instances where too loose clothes bunch up and rub you the wrong way. Fisher also recommends snug undergarments like sportsbras for women. In addition to wearing tighter clothes, be sure to use anti-chafing lubricant to reduce the risk of skin-to-clothing friction.

4. Take early preventative action.

The minute you suspect you’re starting to chafe is the time to do something about it. Gonzales says you shouldn’t feel shy about finding a medical official along the course and asking for Vaseline or other protective supplies. Fisher recommends splashing water on yourself at water stations to rinse away the salt and then applying lubricant on the susceptible area. “Also take your time taking in some electrolytes and fluids,” Fisher suggests.

Author: Duncan Larkin

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