5 MENTAL TopTips That Keep You Going – Hard!

How Do You Get REALLY Good At Something? By Believing You Can (and training a lot 😉 )

We Know It’s Not All in the Mind, but trail certainly has a massive mental aspect to it.

Training does become a whole lot easier, when you’re totally into it. Now, how to achieve that? A few appear to just always head out, do all the training work, put all the time in seemingly without any trouble at all. They are always happy to start and stick with it.

That’s probably because they got the mental aspect well and truly covered. Well, You can as well!

So Find Below 5 ways to easily get yourself in The (trail running) Zone.

We let Alissa St. Laurent, the summer’s breakout ultrarunning star, do the talking.

Here, she shares her mental tips for finding ultrarunning bliss. Because a smart, happy ultrarunner is apparently a fast ultrarunner.

1. With Passion, Average Runners Can Become Great

“I had no idea what I was doing and was pretty average at best,” St. Laurent says of her early forays into running, which she picked up in her mid-20s to stay in shape. “I didn’t start thinking with the mindset of a competitor until I got into ultras. I love it enough that I want to be good at it.“

2. Remember These Two Words: It’s Possible

“I had met with a friend before Sinister 7. He does public speaking and I wanted to talk specifically about the mental aspect of the sport. The two words that really stuck with me were “it’s possible.” Every time I thought of the tough goals I’d set for myself and doubted, I’d immediately replace that with the words “it’s possible.” It sounds so simple but it was so powerful for me.”

3. Know Why You’re Doing It

“You have to know why. Is it because you love it? Is it because you want to be out there? Is it for stress relief—or whatever you get out of it? Whatever it is, you have to stay in touch with that. For me, it’s getting out there in these great places. The training is so much a part of the journey that I try to take it day by day and really enjoy the whole process. That doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days; you just have to enjoy the good days more.”

  Photo: Majo Srnik

4. Find Your Favorite Shoes—and Keep Them On

“I’m not a Strava junkie or a big gear head. But having confidence in your footwear is pretty huge. I used to think had to change my shoes over 100 miles! I’m a big fan of the Nike Wildhorse 3. I wore the same pair to win Sinister and to win the Death Race. I think I’ll retire them or encrust them in gold or something.”

5.  Choose Your Crew Wisely

“I’ve run 100K without a crew, but it’s just great to have someone else there,” St. Laurent says. She had a one-man crew at Sinister 7, Ryne Melcher, an ultrarunner and coach who accompanied the Canadian ultrarunning team to Worlds in May. “It was nice to have someone come out and put a bit of professionalism into it. He kept the splits, which maybe I’ve been a bit lax in the past about. He’d tell me, ‘I want to see you back at this time,’ so I had that and I worked for that in that section. Like short-term memory, you’re not even worrying about the next part of the course or thinking about the finish line. He kept me quick through transitions and a little more focused on putting the work in than I usually would be.

Author: Erin Beresini. Featured Image Source.

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