How To Keep Running With Shin Splints – And Beat It.

3 Common Sense Training Tactics To Keep You Going – A Marathoner’s Take


  1. Use compression socks when training

Get a pair of compression socks (similar to those used on long flights) and do your runs with these. This helps release muscular tension and the “recovery” of the overstrained muscle.

  1. Alternate running and walking

Try to run/walk the sessions instead of just running.

  1. Alternate running and the bike plus self cross friction massage of the muscle

If you alternate running and the bike you can release some of the tension and make the shin split problem much less as well. Related: Cross training.

Plus, try and massage the muscle itself – about every other day.

What if you’ve developed Shin Splits When Approaching A Marathon?

My advice is similar to the above : get compression socks and use them on all workouts and alternate running/walking for at least a week/10 days to come.

And do self massage.

I do not recommend full rest – even if you are tapering off your marathon training. This causes the muscles to go into “resting mode”.

You can rest fully now for 3-4 days but after that try the running/walking alternation way to keep the legs somewhat going, together with the other advice. If you feel ok after that, you can slowly get in 1-2 sessions of some strides/shorter intervals + some full runs before the marathon and you will be fine.

Source: marathon-training-schedule. Image. Featured image source: Creative-commons.

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