How To Lower Your Fat Intake Without Sacrificing Taste

Fuel your body intelligently. It will make you go the distance.

You’re an active individual and as such, know that providing your body with good nutrition is a must.   Using a reduced dietary fat intake will help you optimize your carbohydrate intake, which is a must for providing fuel for those workout sessions ahead. No matter what intensity you are currently running or exercising with, healthy carbohydrates are a must.

Likewise, using a lower fat diet for runners or general athletics will help you keep your body weight to a safe and healthy level that’s optimal for performance.

If the minute you hear ‘low-fat’ you tend to cringe, thinking of eating meals that taste like cardboard, that’s all about to change. I’m going to share with you five tips to reduce dietary fat without reducing taste.

 Reduced Fat Tip #1: Skip The Sauce When Stir-Frying

So you already know that stir-frying is a great way to create a reduce fat meal. But, are you slathering on some stir-fry sauce? If so, you might be unknowingly adding more fat to the mix.

Instead, try using a combination of fresh herbs and spices along with some low sodium soy sauce. To create a delicious tasting sir-fry, that’s all you really need.

 Reduced Fat Tip #2: Swap Broth For Butter

Nothing screams ‘runners fuel’ like a good dose of potatoes, but if you prepare your mashed potatoes with a spoonful of butter, you’re getting too much dietary fat added to the mix.

Instead, consider swapping out that butter for some low sodium chicken broth instead. It’ll create potatoes that are just as tasty and provide the clean fuel you need to get through any trail running session ahead.

You can also use broth in replacement for oil in many recipes as well.

 Reduced Fat Tip #3: Say Cheese For A Healthier, Fit Body

Okay, so I’m not going to tell you to go snack on a hunk of cheddar as that will only pack in more fat. But, if your recipe calls for some type of heavy cream or sour cream, consider instead using some cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese is a runner-friendly variety of cheese that will actually provide a wonderful source of protein as well. Perfect for your hard-working muscles. Plus, it’ll deliver the creamy taste you want in the recipe. Find other perfect pre and post workout fuel ideas in How To Flatten Your Stomach, Sculpt Your Abs, and Look Good Naked. (Get it at the end of the article!)

 Reduced Fat Tip #4: Power Your Menu With Egg Whites

Eggs are a cheap, fast, and highly convenient source of protein for any athlete. That said, they do pack in a good dose of fat.

Fortunately this problem is easily solved by simply tossing the yolks. Substitute two whites for every whole egg called for in your recipes.

 Reduced Fat Tip #5: Grill Rather Than Fry

If you’re in the habit of frying your meat – be it a burger, bacon, chicken, or otherwise, this needs to change. There’s no reason to fry food if you are an athlete.

Get grilling. Grilling can make for a very juicy protein source when cooked right and will contain just a fraction of the fat from any oil you might lightly brush on while grilling.

Grilling is also excellent because any fat from the meat will drip off during cooking, lower the fat content further.

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways to reduce fat in your diet without succumbing to eating a bland and boring menu. In addition to reducing the fat in your diet, you’ll also want to be sure that you focus on eating foods that actually cause your body to burn more fat daily. Not sure which foods will do this? Check out my book, How To Flatten Your Stomach, Sculpt Your Abs, and Look Good Naked for more information. Grab it right below!


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