Must-Have Gift for Every Trail Runner: THE STICK. ON SALE NOW!

"Our athletes use The Stick to get the most out of their training, prevent injury and optimize their performance. You should too."
Loren Seagrave,
Sprint and Hurdle Events, IAAF Level II Word Coaching - Education Program

This is the perfect time to treat yourself or a loved fellow runner to this amazingly useful must-have.

hamstringHamstrings and Calves Untied: What a Relief!

It’s not often that one runs into a super practical, 100% useful tool that is of true value to a runner. But The Stick is awesome. It has gotten great reviews all around and featured in numerous magazines and on TV. Use it once, and your muscles will start thanking you instantly. Still feeling the WOW-effect here. Can you tell?

Totally portable as well! Throw it in your gym bag, car trunk, tie it to your bike, etc. Easy.

Bye bye foam rollers.

Whatever you use for loosening up those muscles, The Stick will beat it hands down. If you thought you didn’t need anything, then trust me: try it after a hard run – or the day after – and never look back. You’ll be telling all your buddies!

I got ’round the web and eventually onto Amazon for more reviews, just to be sure. Stars all around.

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Say Again?

If you’ve never heard of it, here’s the dry version: “The Stick increases circulation and decreases muscle stiffness. This semi-flex stick with segmented rotating spindles painlessly compresses and stretches out all major muscles. Ideal for lower-body.” Exactly. Perfect for runners. Especially those that run long distances or train hard.


Enough said: This is what you need. Just get one.

Kick those foam rollers into the corner, and get yours NOW.

(…and be forgiven for showing off to your trail running friends!)  


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