Put The Winter Season To Work For You. 7 Essentials.

Get The Edge: How to Make The Most Of The Winter Season.

Have you set your goals for 2016 yet? Did you pick a really good RUNNING goal as well? An iconic race somewhere, a distance or speed you’d like to achieve by, say, Easter, finishing your first half Marathon, (trail) Marathon or 50k by next Fall perhaps?


Whatever it is, it’ll keep your motivation up. Tell everyone what you’re trying to achieve as well – and relish the social push!

Or don’t tell them. And CRUSH them, come Spring.

Either way: you’ll want to be making this a Badass Running Winter. This is how you do it.


  1. Set a preseason training goal.

You have to know what you are working towards to see big improvements. Make sure they are smart goals. Every week you need to set a new goal that helps you build towards your total preseason training goal, and ultimate racing goal.

  1. Don’t increase your distance by more than 10% each week.

That means if you put in 30 miles one week, the next should be only up to 33. You can keep adding up the miles week to week, but be smart. Doubling your miles from one week to the next is a recipe for disaster. Related: Injury free running

  1. Make sure you have a fresh pair of shoes.

running-shoes-torn_feChances are, you probably have your old cross country or track training shoes. Go out and get a new pair if they are 6 months old, if you put 500+ miles on them, or if they are worn down. Your shoes provide the only barrier between you and the rough terrain. (Well, I guess your socks are there too.)

  1. Get a running buddy.

This is the fastest way to promote team success as well. Find someone near your own ability and get out there. It is easier to get out the door when another person is meeting you to run.

  1. Work in some speed training.

speedometer_wall_decal_sticker_room_nursery_car_cars_baby_man_garage_speed_fast_9815d63dThis is my secret weapon for huge improvement. Everyone who logs in miles will probably improve. If you want a big drop in your times, add speed work in at least half of your runs.

There are two ways to work this in easily. Adding pick ups in a run is the first method. This is where you increase your pace for a 30 to 60 second burst. The other way is to do strides at the end of a run. You have to keep speed in mind because all distance runs will be at a slower than race pace. Remind your legs what it feels like to go fast.

  1. Be active by doing more than just running.

Don’t just run in the preseason. Do some cross training by biking, or swimming at the local pool. Play some games like basketball, soccer, or ultimate frisbee. Get that heart rate up. Don’t sit and rot in front of a TV screen or computer monitor. Related: the healing power of cross training.

  1. Dress for Success.

Running-cold-parents-89Winter Running also requires some preparation. Stay warm and keep dry in the cold or snow on your runs with these tips. ……….

There you have it. It is easy to know exactly how to get into great shape, but it’s much harder to do. Are you committed? Do you have what it takes? Set your goals high and stay motivated. Follow these winter running tips, get out that door and make it happen.

Written by David Tiefenthaler

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