Put your feet to work for you. (And immediately get extra Speed, Power and Balance!)

Instant Performance Gain! Are You Strengthening Your Feet? 3 easy to do’s, 4 easy exercises.

You may think your feet must be in good shape, you being a trail runner and all. …but it is most likely not true. Feet are the most overlooked body parts when it comes to training. Go to the gym and the one thing you never see anyone targeting is their feet. Unless you are into the most minimalist/barefoot running shoes, your feet and ankles will be too weak.




Stiff ankles, tightened/short Achilles tendons, toes that barely spread or bend, and gridlock in the small, stabilizing foot muscles. All of these issues get in the way of reaching peak performance. Most of us have come around to accept that to do any sport well you need a strong core. A strong core, however, is useless without a strong foundation.

There are 3 easy things you can do remedy this. Find them on the next page! Click next!

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