The #1 way to earn MORE MONEY: Be A (Trail) Runner!

…and make sure you tell the world! (Especially your employer…)

The fact that Running is good for your health, fitness level, resistance and weight is no secret. But did you know that as a runner, you are in good shape to get a higher salary as well? And that mentioning RUNNING on your CV (curriculum vitae) in the hobby section, gives you an edge as well? So concludes German research institute IZA after analyzing 10 studies from other countries.


source: pixabay

The research revealed that men who exercise at least once per week typically earn 5% more than their less active colleagues. Michael Lechner, author of the IZA-study, offers the obvious conclusion: ” Runner’s qualities include persistence and discipline. It’s only logical to see those shine through in their careers.” Running should also make employees more productive, better at dealing with stress and generally better team players.


André Spicer, Professor Organisational Behaviour at the City University in Londen and co-author of ‘The Wellness Syndrome’ affirms that fitness at work has become significantly more important indeed. “Up ’till the sixties religion was our moral compass, afterwards solid hard work took its place. And right now we associate quality with health.” he says in NRC Handelsblad. To illustrate the point he refers to a study on exercising amongst bosses: “The number of CEO’s that has added marathon running on their CV’s has increased by 85% over the period 2001-2011.”

On the flip side, the German researchers do add that running and exercising may cause injury and that training TOO hard can cause loss of concentration and efficiency. They didn’t specifically mention ultra-running, though… 😀

You’re good.

Now get out there and think of all the money that is coming your way!

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