The 6 Top Carb Picks To Boost Energy And Burn Fat

What To Eat To Fuel Yourself Adequately AND Get Leaner (or stay that way!).

So you’re all geared up to get started on your fat loss venture. As such, you may be cutting back your carb intake. You know that to burn fat, you need to create an energy deficit in the body and a great way to do this is to consume fewer carbs.

This said, don’t take it too far. Remember that you do need carbohydrates to provide you with energy, not just for day-to-day activities, but for your workouts as well.

The key is making sure that you eat the healthiest sources of carbohydrates that offer the biggest payoff as far as helping you burn fat goes.

Curious which ones top the list? Here are your best bets. Eat these, especially on run/work-out days for increased energy, whilst still maintaining that fat loss goal.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not only great because they’ll combat your any sweet-tooth cravings you might have, but also because they’re going to help control blood sugar levels incredibly well. They rank in at a moderate level on the GI index and are full of vitamin A and C, sure to help keep you healthy.


Few things are better for a quick burst of energy than the banana. It’s also a great source of starch-based carbs, which will last you until your workout is through. Best of all, these are completely portable.

Ezekiel Bread

Can’t shake that craving for bread? Now you don’t have to. Simply replace your usual unhealthy white bread for some Ezekiel bread instead. (You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find.) This wholesome bread variety is higher in dietary fiber and will even provide a good dose of protein as well.

Serve it with a lean source of protein and you have a perfect pre-workout or post workout snack. Warning: if you are into really long runs, keep the pre-run fiber intake low or risk needing a toilet break…


Rich in complex carbohydrates, oatmeal is fantastic to serve for breakfast or a snack at any point during the day. Purchase the unsweetened variety and then top with some fresh berries, which are loaded with antioxidants and also help the fat loss process along.

Berries are so great in fact they’re listed as one of the fat burning foods in the FREE book How To Flatten Your Stomach, Sculpt Your Abs, And Look Good Naked.

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Another fast and easy complex carb to consider adding around your workout period are beans. They rank very low on the GI index as well and are also going to provide some protein and hunger-busting fiber as well.

Serve them on their own or with some rice if you prefer for a vegetarian-friendly meal to eat around exercise.

Whole Wheat Pasta

Finally, if you have a very intense workout planned that you need long-lasting energy for, whole wheat pasta is a great go-to. It’ll provide more total carbs than many of the above options in a very dense format that’s slow to digest. This means you’ll have lasting energy for at least an hour of exercise.

Just be sure to serve your pasta with a lower fat sauce. Serving it with a creamy sauce will just leave you feeling weighed down and may lower your performance.

So there you have some of the best energy boosting carbs that you can eat while working towards the goal of getting leaner. Get more diet tips to help jumpstart progress in the FREE book, How To Flatten Your Stomach, Sculpt Your Abs, And Look Good Naked. GRAB IT right below!


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