The Secret Of Running With Music.

New 2015 Study reveals the impressive impact music has on runners’ stride rate.

The tempo of the music a runner listens to influences the cadence (aka stride rate). A conclusion you may wish to take into account when planning your training, or choosing the songs for your next race.

In earlier studies (2001 and 2009) it became blatantly clear that higher tempo songs and generally ‘wilder’ music did push most runners to run faster than they otherwise would have. (Hence why Elite runners can’t run with headsets.)

Now, researchers published in Sports Medicine that the effect is even more profound than thought before. Runners were invited to run controlled laps with music of their choosing. In consequent laps, they were made to listen to songs that sounded just a bit slower or faster.

Conclusion: the tempo of music has an undeniable impact on a runners’s cadence, even if he/she doesn’t necessarily realize. Worthy of note: Female runners adapted better/faster to changes in the beat of the music.

If you’re serious about cadence/stride rate, setting up the right songs might just be what you need!

And off course there’s an app for that…  like TempoRun, RockMyRun and quite a few others. What’s your beat?


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