The Truth About Running As A Master

Are You Ready?

Whether you’re in your thirties and see that big 4 looming, or already basking in the knowledge you are officially a ‘MASTER’ (made it over 40 and still running strong, yeeha!), one thing is increasingly certain: you want to keep on doing it.

Now, why is that exactly?

First of all because it’s so convenient. Slap on the right shoes for the terrain you’ll be on and off you go. And it’s good for you! With healthy living ever higher on your agenda, you’re just naturally drawn to running.

Running being a superb form of endurance exercise, it’s good to control most things in the (slowly) aging body: blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar management, etc. All while keeping the heart and lungs strong. A winner overall!

… if it weren’t for the fact that injury rears its ugly head so often.

Injury doesn’t need to happen to you though.

 Christina Nowak MScPT, CSCS, PhD (c), physiotherapist and strength coach expertly explains how.


  1. safety signRunning doesn’t cause arthritis, but the way we run can cause pain and overuse in the muscles around the hips and knees. Making sure that you’re running with proper form of the hips, knees and ankles will prevent those nagging injuries from starting in the first place or coming back.
  2. Loss of strength around the knee can cause knee pain and we lose strength as we get older. Adding strength training in 2-3x/week, focusing on the key lower body muscle groups and core, can keep the knees strong and your mileage climbing.
  3. Cross Training can help keep your body healthy and strong. Training the same muscles over and over again can lead to imbalances, which can effect your running game. Try cycling, swimming or other aerobic activities to supplement your training.
  4. Don’t move through pain! Pain is a warning sign, not a badge of honor. Running through injuries just makes them worse. Go see a rehabilitation specialist for advice on recovering from nagging injuries to get you back to full speed.
  5. Monitor your training volume. You can hit a threshold where the body starts to break down. Know what you need to apply stress to make the body faster but not enough stress to break it down. ……….


The Master’s runner needs to change their programming to ensure the safety of their joints as they continue to run, especially if pain exists. Here are a couple of ways to get an athlete back to running or ensure that they can continue in their sport. FIND OUT ABOUT THEM ON PAGE 2! 

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