[VIDEO] How to AVOID or STOP Shin Splints Straight-Away

Find Out How YOU Can Stay Ahead Of This Painful (and Very Common!) Problem.

Right, Shin Splints. We all either had to do with it at some point, or know someone who has. A very painful experience it can be indeed. Over 3 MILLION cases in the United States alone per year!

Here’s the good news: it is usually preventable, self-diagnosable and self-treatable. Cool!

But first of all: how do you get it? Two main causes.

Either too much impact to the lower legs, typically created by hard heel striking. Or overuse of the lower legs while running. And that happens mostly when you push off with your toes to propel yourself forward.

Here’s a few contributing factors: (do the first 4 look familiar?)

  • Running in old, worn-out running shoes. (Are you treating them right?)
  • Long downhill runs…
  • Running on unstable ground, like in snow or loose gravel
  • Running up the mileage to quickly…
  • Running on a side-sloping street
  • Treadmill running.

Even if it may be unavoidable to stop running (darn!) to get the absolute worst of the inflammation down, a quick restart is often possible. Just make sure you change your running style as described further and in the video.

An often repeated way forward seems to be that if you continue (or restart) running, you could wrap your leg before you go out. Use either tape or an Ace bandage, starting just above the ankle and continuing to just below the knee. Keep wrapping your leg until the pain goes away. This is really only a band-aid solution, though. Cutting down or stopping running may be necessary…
Consider cross-training for a while to let your shin heal. Swim, run in the pool or ride a bike if that’s an option?
Or take advantage of the time off running to get those muscles strengthened up?
When you return to running, increase your mileage slowly, no more than 10 percent weekly if you really had a bad case of shin splints. Get advice from your physio if needed.

Solution: Get That Running Technique Right and Say GoodBye to Shin Splints Forever.

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