[VIDEO] Instant flexibility: How To Touch Your Toes Again (in 5 Minutes).

Without Any Stretching, you’ll be able to get to your toes – or even palm the floor!

I’ll admit it: we were very skeptical. Bend over and get to your toes in less than 5 minutes? – knowing that the typical (trail) runner has rather uncooperative hamstrings? I can’t remember when I was last able to get anywhere near my ankles while keeping my legs straight. No way this could ever work.

And no: no flexibility exercises like our Yoga style ones or stretching needed either!

Cue this video. Suggested several times to us with raving reviews attached. So as we mentally prepared for total failure, we just went ahead and tried… …and all five of us eventually got to our toes. After a couple of attempts, my famously inflexible wife even nearly got her palms touching the floor! It’s magic! What a rush.

Watch the video and surprise yourself.

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