Why Every Runner Should Train For A (half or full) Marathon.

Why Every Runner benefits hugely from Marathon Training.

And yes, that is even truer for trail runners!

Even if you’re simply running for the sheer enjoyment of it, you may be forgiven for wanting to see some improvement on your fitness level and running form eventually. After all, who DOESN’T like to see herself/himself get better at something they love?

Cue the first reason why you should get a (half or full) marathon plan going.

#1: Awesome Running Form.

cd_55b367a0ad56b-2A marathon plan typically tells you how many times you should run, for how long and at what intensity. A GOOD marathon plan focuses as much on HOW you run. How to run longer and faster? Get that Running Technique right and you’re half way there. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.

#2: You’ll think about injury – and prevent it.

Good Running Form is key to avoid injury. Because you are either building up towards greater distances (culminating into that half or full marathon) or trying to set a new personal best you know you’ll put your body under serious stress at some stage. Exactly as per #1 above, through your program you should be given tips and tricks to identify the first onset of potential trouble and how to deal with it. The resulting piece of mind is priceless and will last for the rest of your running days.

#3: You’ll fall in love with running (even more)

26-2-shoe-print-mdThat dedicated marathon plan, with its focus on continued improvement, will make you more relaxed. And a relaxed runner is usually a happy runner.

Also, the fact that everything is planned out for you and week after week you notice you’re getting better, is thrilling. Bring on those long runs!

#4: Your motivation will skyrocket.

You know how they say that the hardest part of a run, is the bit from your shoes storage to your front door? Well, a training plan you believe in is ideal to get you going every single time. NOT going for that run simply isn’t an option anymore. Downside: also because of #3, it may become impossible to stop yourself from talking about running in about every conversation… Warn your friends – or convert them!

#5: Longer and Faster.

Whether you’re mostly in 5k territory, or dipping in Ultra-running already: being able to run LONGER and FASTER at the same time is something we can all relate to. And a marathon training does exactly that for you. Word of warning: it’s addictive. Like REALLY addictive.


Just go for it. If you’re a runner, you’ll benefit tremendously from going through (half or full) marathon training. You’ll see.

I highly recommend the 100DayMarathonPlan by Marius Bakken, former Olympian, and M.D. (Medical Doctor). That’s why I got in touch with him and then acquired it (it’s only $47, with a 60 day money back warranty), with a goal of running a fast half marathon in March, and a full marathon come autumn. I’ll report further in future posts.

promo-200x230Have a look at his info page here. Lots of testimonials there as well! He’s had incredible results with nearly all runners. Road and Trail.

It’s got training plans to suit everyone’s needs, combined with a wealth of extra information on Running Form, Injury, etc. – including videos.

NOTE: Be sure to add the VIP access to get access to a vast Q&A style database and most importantly: to Marius Bakken himself for any specific question you need answered along the way. Definitely worth it!

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